If you see Kaye: Guimaras


I’ve always had an inkling to travel on my own. This trip from a year ago was the first solo trip that I planned. It was a side trip from a work I had in Iloilo, and since I’ve gotten around the city a few times before, I thought, “why not explore a new place this time?

Guimaras is an island located at Western Visayas, just a 20 minute boat ride from Iloilo City. It is famous for having the sweetest mangoes in the world which is why it is named the “Mango Capital of Philippines”.

For those who wish to plan a trip in Guimaras, read on.

Guisi Beach

BUDGET: I spent around 1500/night for my accommodation (room can be shared by two people). My transfers cost me around P2000 which includes land and island tours already. Food is 150/meal and up. There are more cheaper options, but since it was my first time to roam around solo, and transportation in Guimaras is rare (you have to ask a tricycle driver to pick you up on schedule), I chose to stay at a location where everything is convenient (food, island transfers and the like).

Mango Pizza at Pitstop before heading to my hotel
I skipped the land tour due to budget constraints, but I was lucky enough to be taken to this view before heading to my hotel – a hill overlooking the mango plantation

HOW TO GET THERE: From Iloilo city, go to Ortiz Wharf and take a boat to Jordan, Guimaras. Theres a boat that leaves every 15 minutes from 5:30AM to 7:30PM and it would cost you less than P20 for a one way trip. From Jordan port, you can hire a tricycle that will take you to your accommodation. I was lucky to get Kuya Michael John that time (09469013093). The rate going to my hotel was 250 but for an added fee, Kuya Michael helped me get around a few spots that we can pass by on our way to the hotel. Going back to the port tricycle rate is 300 but, since I skipped the complete land tour which costs 1500 (could fit 4 people), Kuya Michael arranged a side trip that would take me to Guisi Lighthouse Before heading home, so going back I spent P600.



WHERE TO STAY: There are many places to choose from in Guimaras, during that time, I played safe and stayed at Raymen Beach Resort for the following reasons: It has a restaurant that is open and takes last orders at 6PM so food is accessible and it has a beach front where island tours are provided. The place was decent and safe to spend a night.


Feeding Giant Bangus in SEAFDEC

WHAT TO DO: There are two main things to enjoy in Guimaras (aside from eating mangoes of course), one is the LAND TOUR and the other is the ISLAND TOUR. The best time to travel is during Mango Harvesting season. Since I was travelling alone, I skipped the land tour as it was more expensive. I arranged the tricycle driver to take me to the places I was interested in seeing, instead of going to a complete one. If you are sharing the land tour with others, expenses are more cost efficient.

The Island tour would cost you a P400 for an hour boat ride and will charge you 100 for the succeeding hours. The  typical island hopping tour will take you to the following places: SOUTHEAST ASIAN FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT CENTER (SEAFDEC), Turtle Island, Ave Maria Island, Fairy Castle, Isla Naburot and Baras Beach. You can request your boat to take you to Yato Island and Nagtago Island which are usually not part of most island tours. Among those places, I enjoyed SEAFDEC the most as I got to feed fishes like the giant bangus bred on the place. Next was Ave Maria island where I got to spend time snorkelling and feeding more fishes with sky flakes crackers. I did this early morning and was back at the resort by lunch time. The rest of the day, I just spent reading a book by the beach indulging in as many mango shakes as I can.

Snorkeling at Ave Maria Island

Since I was working on a tight budget, the next day, I arranged my tricycle driver to take me to Guisi Lighthouse and pass by Mango Stalls where I could buy something to take home for friends and family before heading to Jordan Port. Guisi Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines. It was built during the 18th Century Spanish Colonial Era. Going to the top is just an easy 15 minute hike. The view was really beautiful, overlooking Guisi beach with coconut trees lined on a beautiful cove. Make sure to drop a coin and whisper a wish before leaving. Kuya Michael charged me 600 pesos for the trip to Guisi and my trip back to Jordan Port.

Guimaras is a good place for first time travellers. You can go around the island for 2 days. While solo transport could be quite expensive, if you have time, jeepneys are available too which are more cheaper, except you have to wait a while to ride one.

For someone who travels for work most times, it is nice to give yourself a break and bask in the beauty and goodness this country has to offer.

I hope this finds you helpful. If you are heading to Guimaras, I hope you will enjoy it too as much as I did. Make sure to eat as many mangoes as you can on your trip!


What was your first solo travel? I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “If you see Kaye: Guimaras

  1. Mango pizza!? How unusual! How did it taste? I’ve never heard of this island, yet it looks beautiful. I’m going to be in the region soon, so maybe I’ll get the opportunity to pop over there? Thanks for writing this post and sharing about it 🙂


    1. Yes mango pizza 🙂 it tastes sweet. A bit unusual but blends well for a pizza 🙂 they even have mango pasta there. You should definitely swing by Guimaras when you have a chance. You can spend two days there and a night and you’d be able to go around the island 🙂

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