Life in the Fast Lane


Today’s world is all about instant – food, clothing, modes of communication, transportation. Look around you and you will find something that offers something that delivers quick. Even success can be measured by how many stats we get on our social media accounts that can be made in an instant by the click of the credit card button.

I think, the easy access of getting whatever we want whenever we want changed us. Instant gratification = less patience. Instant success = less value.

When everything is easily presented to us, the value of working hard diminishes. Not that I am saying it happens to everyone, but admit it or not, it always feels safest to take the easy route.

This generation we have became so lax with how instant everything is. We all want to get this and that, but none of us are willing to work hard for the price.

I remember, when I was starting with doing makeup, I didn’t have enough resources to support my passion. Back then, I would try to score books from second hand stores because that’s all I could afford. The internet became a good source then but content wasn’t as huge as how it is now. I badly wanted to go to makeup school to add knowledge but I couldn’t afford it then. I made good use of the resources I had making sure I learn something. I even joined a contest that would win you a makeover just so I’d experience having my makeup done by a celebrity makeup artist I look up to. When I started studying for makeup, I made use of my days off so I could take the classes on weekends. I only had enough to enroll to makeup school (and it was money I even borrowed), unlike my classmates, I didn’t have much to upgrade whatever is new in the market, we would borrow from each other because it was really expensive to buy a complete set. On my other days off, I would join my makeup artist friends and help them with gigs even if I was sleepless from my hospital shift that ended in the morning. Back then, I told myself to just grab every opportunity presented to me as long as it will help me learn, grow and improve.

It wasn’t an easy feat, but it was worth it. It was worth every night I had to stay late to practice and to learn, all those days that were physically challenging to carry so many kilos of makeup stuff because I only had myself to rely to. It was worth letting go of so many comforts in life to help me build a new one from it. It was worth all those hours I spent standing up with a brush, flushed from getting criticized for a work I couldn’t perfect. There were many ways an easy route could be presented, but I am glad I took the route that made me appreciate what I have now – the route that helped me build what I have from ground up.

Started from the bottom, now we are here! 🙂 

It became so frustrating to see a generation that wants success but is lazy to go through all the hurdles. This goes to a lot of things in life. It may not only apply to our careers, it can go about to the most mundane things to more deeply rooted one’s like relationships.

For those who are lucky to be given opportunities to grow quicker and easier, always make good use of it. But, for those who have to work their way harder than others, do not be discouraged. There is joy in looking back at all the hardships. Make good use of your story.

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