Hygiene and Sanitation Practices for Makeup Artists

It is essential to maintain high standards of hygiene in any work area to prevent the risk of “cross contamination”. Cross contamination is the process by which bacteria or other microorganisms are transferred from one substance or object to another. You will be working with client’s skin, which you will come in close contact with.Continue reading “Hygiene and Sanitation Practices for Makeup Artists”

Break my heart for what breaks Yours

Tears start to well up in my eyes as I sang with the crowd. There, I see my life flashing through. Back then, my idea of happiness is a product of things, people, situations that deemed to be most important to the world – a worldly life it was. Until I lost everything, bit byContinue reading “Break my heart for what breaks Yours”

30 on 30 (Nuggets of wisdom before hitting the big 3-0)

While the past decade has been the most crucial time of my being, I have learned so much along the way. In no particular order, I am sharing things that have made me wiser, cured my soul, lifted my spirit, and basically clichés that helped me in my pursuit of joy in life. This mayContinue reading “30 on 30 (Nuggets of wisdom before hitting the big 3-0)”